Corporate & Retail

Corporate Services

We are offering a wide range Corporate Services which are capable of meeting the diverse demands of the corporate sector. This service is also aimed to improve the skills of corporate employees. Thus this range of service is not only meant for offering team spirit, work culture and increasing the output of the employees but is also helpful for organizational development.

This range of services are aimed specifically for large corporate. Neusource provide & organize these services at high standards of service parameters.

Return Filing Camps

Neusource Organizes camps in the campuses of various large organizations in the month of March, June & July for filing of Individual Income Tax Returns of the employees. Here we also provide some part of our other retail services like; PAN Application, Refund Follow-up, Consulting etc.

Help Desk

Neusource also run Regular Help Desk Services in various organizations in association with concierge solution providers; to serve our clients, all range of financial products.

Consultant Visit on Demand

Neusource provide as required all Accounting, Taxation, Management, Economic & any other Business support services at perfectly genuine service standards, under one roof and that too on your single call, we arrange to provide any consultant of your choice.

Seminars & Workshops

Neusource also provides Training & Orientation to account executives on demand; as they require, according to demanded time, location, subject, coverage & depth of coverage. We are engaged in conducting different Seminars & workshops for the benefit of corporate employees so as to enable them as more vigilant & productive to their respective organizations.

  • We organize Tax Awareness programs to bring awareness & knowledge of taxation issues for corporate employees. We touch all the matters that affect finances & tax issues of an employee; so that they are properly guided about the tax matters.
  • We organize Money Sense seminars to provide a monetary sense to corporate employees & further help them to draw better returns from their savings, turn out their view & add an economical insight to see values of non monetary things or output from their employer.
  • We organize Statutory Responsibility seminars, where we impart training to employees for keeping them aware of their different Responsibilities under different statutes like, Income Tax, Wealth Tax and FEMA etc.
  • Accounting is the field where updating knowledge & skill set development at the pace of organizational development is imperative; Neusource endeavors to make executives updated & smart. We organize Accounts & MIS responsibilities workshop to sharpen the skills of Accounts & Finance Departments; here we cover recent changes in law and their implications & changes in Job responsibility of each individual Team Members.

Executive Placements

Executives & Teams for any combination or purpose that suits your requirement is placed at your location on full time basis; they are duly recruited as per standard recruitment norms set by Neusource. Standard Procedures for Exit Interview, Replacement mechanism, proper handover etc. shall also be duly put in place & followed.

Disciplinary Control:Disciplinary Control may or may not be exercised by us. But if it is chosen to be on Neusource part then Executive Team is always kept in full disciplinary control either it is the matter of Attendance, Discipline, presence, Communication or behavioral issues; Neusource cares for all.

Execution Support:In furtherance of providing Executive Team & exercising Disciplinary controls over team we also take care, if required the overall output of the team and take full responsibility to give you the desired output.

ISO Certification Services

We provide ISO certification & training services in all cities of India. We render Certification and Training Services for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, HACCP, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001, WHO-GMP, GLP, GPP, CE Mark, PED, NAAC, NBA, Lean Manufacturing and Process Improvement etc. Neusource is the most prominent ISO certification company in Delhi & NCR.

Regular Consulting Support

Neusource provides a bridge between you and your Chartered Accountant Firm by keeping concurrent liaison between you and all Chartered Accountancy services. We also make available an all corner complete consulting support on any tax related matter just on your single call/ SMS

Retail Services

A complete 360 Degree Virtual Accounts office & Liaison Support provided by Neusource are available to each and every individual and small business. Neusource provides a complete range of compliance & consulting back office services that a normal chartered accountant or business consultant would have supported. Neusource Retail services are basically meant for those organizations and business owners who do not have their own accounting or back office facility or they do not wish to own any such office in their own facility by whatever reasons; here Neusource process all the accounting etc. in its back office facility and process the required results as agreed. We thrive to give feel to our clients as if it is in their own facility.

Statutory Filings (ROC, Income Tax etc.)

Neusource makes all statutory filings as easy as anything. We take care of all the things starting from collection of data, processing & filings etc. And thus we set you free from all procedural jobs to let you increase your business; viz your main domains.

Management & Strategic Consultancy

We offer a detailed range of consulting & Execution support that you get from a Chartered Accountants’ office, thus you can get all this under one roof.

Certification & Report Preparations

During the normal course of business you require lot of certificates from your auditors or a chartered accountant that seeks your involvement & much of your time in unproductive work; we shall set you free.

Departmental Representations

Whatever be the department and whatever is level of case, we wish to set you free from being present in proceedings and still work and report you like you were presented there, we put our experts to take care of all problems of the case.

MIS Reporting & Ledger Scrutiny

MIS stands for Managerial Information System; here we set some basic reports that you need for critical decisions you do regularly or to monitor your organizational performance at regular intervals. Neusource put its effort to provide you Timely & Accurate MIS Reporting & partnering in your growth.

A short inspection to check upon the ledger accounts that which account are not running according to its normal conduct & nature so that reasons can be enquired and any mistake can be plucked off.

Control over Statutory Compliances

Onsite supervisor may have some practical problem and there may have some bottleneck or he may run short of time whatever be the reason we share the information, with you and have a complete control over statutory liabilities of the organization and inform to the client on time so that alternative ways or consequences can be discussed upon.

Critical Performance Reports

Only an eye view is sufficient for an experienced person to have a broad idea about the directions of movement. We always try to get authentic data and reports about your organization as and when you require by observing/ analyzing your accounts and bring out some hidden truths.