Service Portfolio

Backed by the support of our professionals, we are able to provide excellent and complete Assurance & Investigation services to our clients. These services are rendered by our professionals and are highly appreciated by clients. Our services help in improving the accuracy, financial efficiency and stability of client's business. We provide solutions related to internal auditing, statutory auditing, business auditing, tax auditing and pre- audit compilations. Furthermore, our services are at the core of any financial management setup and ensure proper working of any organization as per the laid down internal controls.

HR Audit

A human resource audit is a complete method that helps in reviewing the current human resource policies, documentations, procedures and systems. These are used for identifying the needs for enhancement and improvement of the HR function. Furthermore, we also ensure these are at par with the ever changing rules and regulations of the industry. An audit usually involves a systematic review of all the aspects of HR in a checklist fashion.

Sections of review include

  • Benefits
  • Hiring and orientation
  • Form review
  • Compensation
  • Performance evaluation process
  • Personnel file review
  • Job descriptions
  • Termination process and exit interviews

Inventory Audit

Neusource also conduct an audit of the firm’s inventory planning and monitoring systems. Some of the possible areas to look out for are the following:

On Inventory Levels

  • Is too much money tied up in your inventory?
  • Do frequent shortages in inventory occur?
  • Does an excessive inventory discrepancy occur?
  • Is there are a lot of obsolete and/or non-moving items on stock?

On Inventory Information / Policies

  • Does the company have realistic safety stock levels?
  • Does the company have realistic reorder point levels?
  • Does the company have realistic inventory lead times?
  • Are inventory control policies and procedures adequately documented and communicated to all concerned departments?

Inventory Monitoring

  • Are inventory records kept up- to-date for all materials?
  • Are inventory records regularly verified by actual count?
  • Are incoming and outgoing materials / goods properly checked, authorized and logged in/out?
  • Are surplus and scrap items properly recorded and controlled?

Management Audit

Clients can avail from us outstanding management audit services. It is a systematic evaluation of policies and methods of an organization's management in the administration. Also it includes the use of resources, strategic and tactical planning and employee & organizational improvement. The management auditors do not appraise the performance of an individual, but may critically evaluate the senior executives as a management team.

The objectives of a management audit are to:

  • Establish the current level of effectiveness
  • Suggest improvements
  • Lay down standards for future performance

Our Management Audit Service is full of choices; we allow you to take following choices as per your suitability:

  • Periodicity of your choice

    Internal Audit services is like a post-mortem; just to go deep in various decisions as taken in past, to learn new lessons for future. This exercise can be taken any point of time of your choice.

  • Variations of Your choice

    There are various variations or say aspects being covered are different from each other you may get analyzed the books and records from different perspectives like, Cost Audit, Inventory Audit, Tax Audit, Management Audit, Financial Audit etc.

  • Depth of your choice (Intensity/ Coverage)

    Almost all the auditors take the rice test concept to decide the coverage of Audit tests; But this can be judgmental to your experience also so as to draw the expected outcomes from audit.

  • Results of your choice

    You can also pose some questions before the audit team so as to let them answer on the basis of some authentic, re-arranged and purposely drawn data.

Process Monitoring

We do outsource any process involving manual process, business process or knowledge process; we provide support in almost all the fields of Business & financial management. In short our clients get one stop solutions for all services they require and executed anywhere as per the requirement of the client organization.

Financial Statement Review

In a challenging economy, managers have to be more thoughtful and strategic than ever about managing their organizational performance. Charting your course to success requires smart decision making and critical planning today. We critically analyse previous years balance sheets, thoroughly go through the existing balance sheets and after the critical examination we try to make the Balance Sheets presentable So that they can be further processed and funds can be easily raised. At Neusource you'll get the essential advice you need to keep your company performance on track in tough times and beyond that to bring today's managers and professionals the fundamental information they need to stay competitive in a fast-moving world. From the preeminent thinkers whose work has defined an entire field to the rising stars who will redefine the way we think about business, here are the leading minds and landmark ideas that have established Neusource.

However, A financial statement review is a service under which we obtain limited assurance that there are no material modifications that need to be made to an entity's financial statements for them to be in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework (such as GAAP or IFRS). A review does not require us to obtain an understanding of internal control, or to assess fraud risk, or other types of audit procedures. Consequently, a review does not provide us with assurance that we have become aware of all the significant matters that would normally have been discovered and disclosed in an audit.

Forensic Audit & Investigations

Backed by years of extensive experience, we provide excellent forensic audit & investigation services to our clients. These services are rendered by our professionals who work in close association with clients in order to address every concern and requirement completely. The reporting format offered by us are consistent, complete and very easy to follow, giving our clients a concise report, which states all our findings clearly. Clients have full faith in our services as we maintain confidentiality and transparency. Our services can be availed at reasonable prices.

Fund Utilization Monitoring

Believing on the capability of our team of young chartered accountants; and backed by their rigorous training, we provide excellent services to our clients. Who may be providing huge funds to their marketing offices or certain NGOs for promotion of certain products & services or benefits of certain class of public or for the purpose of initiating a new cultural habit among the new market; whatever be the purpose we do the assurance with full integrity.

Regular Accounting Supervision

We, Neusource Process Outsource Private Limited, are involved with our client in a Continuous Supervision. We follow a step by step supervision process for the whole accounting being done by client organization. In our supervision we continuously visit our clients place for the checking. We also check the old financial statements daily on continuous basis and check them as per accounting standards. We find the faults and rectify them as per the accounting rules. We follow this process on continuous basis to reduce the mistakes and to provide our client a faults proof reports and quality accounting services.

Other benefits of regular supervisions are as followed:

  • Leveraged communication
  • Tailored Reporting
  • Visit Days of your choice
  • Timely Correction & Adjustments
  • Immediate Implementation of Discussions & Plans
  • Steady Improvement
  • Full Guidance to Executives on site

Audit Preparations

Neusource arranges all Audit related documents & other preparations ready and get them done on scheduled time as demanded by you or statute.