Why We Are Different

The Way We Work

Executives at neusource are guided & controlled through our own in-house developed workflow system; which is an online software to control each and every activity to be done by the executive. It also guides, the procedure of working as well as takes care of clients working & pending tasks, overdue activities, attendance control, actual working hours and also supports us to analyse deviations between standard time and actual time.

The Quality We Deliver

Each & Every assignment that an executive completes, is delivered to clients only after it passes through our quality control team, who goes through not only the correct results but also review the processes by which they are performed. Hence chances of mistakes to be passed to clients’ hands are so minimal.

The Procedure To Perform

Every Executive of Neusource is guided to perform the work in a standard format as explained by written procedures we call it SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). It is necessary to provide the same output indifferently of the executive change and removing the difference of personal capabilities. At Neusource we are practicing this principle in a grander way. These procedures are attached to each activity to be performed for the guidance of executives and available right at the place where his activities is listed.

The Connectivity We Extend

Every Client of neusource is designated with an Executive Manager, This manager meets the client at prefixed schedules to discuss the position of Assignments due, reasons for overdue assignments (if any). Executive Manager is otherwise also available all the time over the mail/chat/SMS etc. for the client & executives. Executive is also guided concurrently on almost daily basis.

The Team Behind The Performance

Every Team member at neusource is selected by a series of screening process like CV sorting, written test, viva-voce and manager’s pick etc., Further our each team member is further groomed by specialized training & orientation Programme, before actually putting them on the work. We also concurrently workout training & update programme round the month, to which every team member has to attend at least once in a month. Further our team is guided by their own employee handbook, which is essentially a code of conduct for them. All disciplinary & other violations are dealt by the written procedures.