Service Portfolio

Information Technology sets the strong foundations of any organization. Over the period of time, new technologies have emerged and it has become challenging for the organization to adopt and manage their systems. In addition, bringing in new technology in the organization is equally challenging as technology evaluation requires time, effort and expertise. We at Neusource always endeavor to provide our clients best consulting service so as to make them enabled to fight the new challenges emerging in business market and economy.

Process Study & Review

We are instrumental in providing Process Study and Review that examines the effectiveness of company procedures. Organizational analysis of the processes takes place through different tools like data flow diagram, Fish Bone diagram, and organizational analysis this is done to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in an organization. It is basically an examination of company activities, resources & behaviors and managing the same in the most effective manner. These services are accomplished by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, which conducts the audit as per the defined rules and regulations and requirements of international standards.

System & Internal Control Review

We provide System Audit Services that are a useful for getting an immediate handle on what is needed to be done. These services also help us in developing our understanding of how we can actually get the maximum output value from our existing scale of operations by just improving internal control procedures. Furthermore, the services that we offer are useful in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of whole organization wide system and loopholes in existing internal control. Our services also evaluate the utilization of vital resources such as Information, Infrastructure, Application and People.

Accounting system Evaluation

Financial accounting system is the back bone of any company’s Information processing and evaluation system. We endeavor to deliver a complete business management solution to automate the entire organization’s accounting process in affordable way. Any software available in the market has everything to maintain financial records but if they are not used properly then Accounting information does not depict the correct results. We help our clients to integrate financial accounting with inventory, cost centers, budgetary control, additional details, additional vouchers, copy of supporting documents etc. all at one place. Our designed Accounting system shall provide information on fingertips resulting improved efficiency and productivity of company.

Purchase Management System

Purchase is very simple but complicated at some points like urgent purchase, vendor search, best price etc. We have managed all these things in our Purchase Management System. Customer can easily find best supplier with previous track record with best prices. He can compare prices with other suppliers and select best supplier. Also it can be helpful to remove misuse of money in the department. We make the process easier for our clients by booking for the new vendor, asking them for the quotation. We revise the entire vendor list and provide the clients with solutions.

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System provided by us is excellent inventory management system using barcode. This system is managed by barcode system. These services are rendered using latest technology by a team of diligent and proficient professionals. Our services are rendered at industry leading prices to meet the financial constraints of our customers.

Tally Customization & Utilities

Tally in its newest version has emerged as a virtual ERP solution that serves much functionality and also has capacity to be build upon for almost all departments within an enterprise. Tally ERP system is now widely used across many SME businesses. Effective use of Tally ERP implies the use of all functions by user and such use requires an expert to setup and timely review of proper functioning. Neusource helps you in not only using these embedded functions but also provides you customizations and attaching other value added functionalities.

MIS Reporting Channelization

Management Information systems (MIS) is a system which gathers and uses information to evaluate the performance of different organizational resources like human, physical, financial and also the organization as a whole considering the organizational strategies. Finally, MIS influences the behavior of organizational resources to implement organizational strategies. We provide our best professional services to provide our clients a proper channel so as to gather the MIS automatically and supplied to management without failure.

We are an expert in MIS Reporting Services & Bookkeeping Services serving the various industries for the past Five year. Our MIS reporting services and professional bookkeeping services have helped top-notch corporate in book keeping and accountancy. It streamlines their accounting processes, reduces workload and maximizes their resource utilization. MIS is very different from regular information system and is used to analyze the other information systems that are applied in the operational activities of the organization.

Paperless Office Conceptualization

A good Paperless document management system is a system used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents.When we think of Paperless office, we envision an efficient way of conducting business - something that is not compromising on the quality and saves time and effort on our part. Another thing is that all office documents are just at your fingertips. You can carry with you loads of work and documents. Once you have a true paperless office, you can put everything in your briefcase and take it anywhere in the globe. It can also save you a fortune. You can cut back on stationery, ink.

Internal Control System Development

Internal control can be described as any action taken by an organization to help enhance the likelihood that the objectives of the organization will be achieved. The concept of internal control has evolved over recent years as different internal control models have been developed.

Do you wonder why your technology vendor only sells you software and nothing more; we believe you should expect more? Our service experts come with focused domain expertise to train, mentor, implement, and remain plugged into your environment; to enable you to rapidly incorporate best practices and "next practices" into your operating processes. Don’t accept just software and hardware sales - take us on, and we'll show you the difference our services can make!

ERP Modules Implementation & Training

An ERP solution is an integrated information system that serves all departments within an enterprise. ERP systems evolved out of the manufacturing industry, but are now widely used across many other kinds of businesses.

ERP implies the use of modules of packaged software rather than proprietary software written by or for one customer, and typically an ERP system is integrated with a relational database system. What we serve better than others is our Implementation approach; our executives doesn’t work like trainer or a consultant, rather they work like other executives of your organization and help to develop a work culture that is demanded by the management.

Instruction Management system

We support our clients to implement a better control over their employees; client/ management may have forgotten the decisions took in the last meeting with you, or may miss up the important date and events but our Instruction management system does not allow the executives and managers to forget them. We analyze the organizational system, requirement and even the nature of assignments/ activities or instructions passed by you; and our system reports all theses for your executives, Manager or anyone other in the organization.

Management & Strategic consultancy

What are the steps to business success? To have a successful business there are many components. One aspect that is often overlooked to grow business is to have proper business consulting. Neusource helps companies to improve performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of future plans. We bring formal frameworks or methodologies to identify problems or suggest more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks.

Onsite Consulting

We understand your concerns as a business owner- it would at times not is advisable to share the various aspects of your business remotely. Our professional team under such a scenario would have a global delivery model of an onsite consultant supported by our back office staff.